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How to go Vegan - Easy Tips


Are you wondering how to go vegan … or at least interested in the idea of it?

If so, you're in the right place.

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There are many reasons that people decide to become a Vegetarian or Vegan. Whether for health, animal rights and compassion, the environment, or another reason, changing your diet is an individual decision, and everyone will have a different journey.

I started incorporating “vegan/vegetarian” foods into my diet for a few years before fully going vegan in 2017. Making that transition was one of the most beneficial choices I have ever made. This blog wouldn't even exist if it weren't for that pivotal change. Removing or decreasing certain foods from your life might seem daunting, even unimaginable, but I assure you it's entirely possible. With determination, you're already halfway there.

Everyone will have a different journey, and the tips that work for others may not work for you. Be conscious of your body and modify these tips to suit your needs.

Going vegan will feel natural if you focus on making one change at a time. It’s important to go at your own pace and to decide on a method that works best for you.

Here are some effective ways to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.


Educate yourself: Seek out vegan cookbooks, documentaries, websites, and blogs to familiarize yourself with the world of veg. ♥ Add to your diet rather than taking away: This was huge for me, probably one of the best tips I could ever give you. We naturally don't like losing things, even if we know those things are not good for us. It will be much easier for you to incorporate vegan-friendly foods into your diet rather than taking food away. Start drinking almond milk, eating more beans, integrating whole grains, consuming tofu, etc. I started eating so much of these foods that there was no want or need to eat meat. ♥ Find a motivator: Why do you want to go vegan? Whatever the reason, keep conscious of it. Know that you are in charge of yourself and your actions, and let that reason inspire your life. ♥ Keep a positive attitude: Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed or give yourself a deadline. You are doing awesome. Every little bit counts – whether you go vegan, vegetarian, or cut down your intake of animal products, you are doing the right thing! Be your cheerleader, focus on the progression and learn from the fallbacks. ♥ Find yummy recipes: I cannot stress enough how many delicious vegan recipes are out there. You can go out and buy awesome vegan cookbooks, but I found so many amazing recipes from online sources such as Pinterest and Instagram. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to plant-based dishes – I am still not halfway through those recipes. Pinning recipes allows me to take note of recipes, get inspired, and try new foods! There are so many amazing blogs out there, too – go searching!

♥ Try one veg recipe a week: You may decide to have a meat-free meal once a week or even a meat-free day (heyooo, Meatless Monday). Doing this allows you to integrate more veg into your life and become more open to meatless meals. Of course, if you are considering veganism, you'll also omit eggs, dairy, etc. ♥ Just because it's vegan doesn’t mean it's healthy: Stick to whole grains, fruits, beans, nuts, and vegetables. You can still indulge in “junk food” occasionally – but be aware that vegan food can still harm your body if you abuse it. Sadly, we cannot eat two large vegan donuts and assume them to be “healthy.” Although, we can enjoy their cruelty-free deliciousness. ♥ Tell your loved ones: If you’re considering going vegan, you should tell your loved ones. I was skeptical about this for quite some time because I didn't want to be judged or have an expectation of me – but I'm so happy that I opened up.  I went through scenarios in my head about how I would go about this if I would. Eventually, I decided to go for it, and the response I got was so relieving. That isn’t to say that I was never questioned about my choice, but when my family and friends noticed how much happier and healthier I became – they supported my decision. Some people might have a hard time with it. Just explain it to them without getting defensive or forcing ideas. ♥ Eat the food rainbow: OF COURSE I AM GOING TO INCLUDE THIS! Eat. The. Rainbow. I opened up an entirely new world of food when I went vegan. There are so many healthy options out there! Having a beautiful and colourful plate of food is a great motivator. If it looks great, the chances are it will taste great. Play around with ideas, and try new foods! It is also good to remember that food colours all reap different benefits to your body.

♥ Reap the benefits: Appreciate the health benefits of giving up animal products and by-products. You impact the earth, the animals, and yourself positively. Not to mention, you can enjoy the new amounts of energy that you will embrace! If you have any questions, you can always message me on my blog using the chat box or DM me on Instagram.

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