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About Me


Hey cutie!
Welcome to Eating the Rainbow

My journey into the world of veganism began in 2017, and it's been a transformation like no other.


As a lifelong foodie, I thought going meat-free would mean bland salads and tasteless tofu. However, I quickly realized there's a world of vibrant and flavourful options beyond meat and dairy.


Filling my plate with colourful, plant-based foods not only made me feel fantastic, but it looked incredibly vibrant too.


When I first started "Eating the Rainbow," it was a personal photo diary of my food. Still, as I connected with like-minded individuals and learned more about veganism, I became more committed to sharing the message. 

This blog is an extension of that journey. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to add more colours to your plate and cultivate more compassion in our world.

Join me on this colourful culinary adventure, and let's make our world a brighter and more compassionate place, one delicious dish at a time.

- Sharon 🌈🐷🌱


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